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In today's technology-driven business landscape, more and more organizations are using the flexibility of remote workers to reduce real estate costs and to expand their employee talent pool by removing geographic constraints. With the right set of tools, remote workers can function as effectively as workers sitting in the office.

Virtual Office allows remote workers to connect to their corporate infrastructure from their home or small offices, making then extended members of both the voice and data network.

Virtual Office data connectivity allows for secure Virtual Private Networking (VPN), granting remote access to corporate data resources, such as e-mail, applications, databases and file stores. Using their own broadband internet access (cable or DSL), Remote workers have greater access to the resources they need, allowing them to be more productive.

Virtual Office voice connectivity provides remote workers with IP phone service, allowing them to receive calls as a member of hunt groups or queues and place local, long distance and four-digit extension calls. Virtual Office also provides access to our Phone Control Web portal for click-to-call corporate and personal directories, Web-based voice mail management and call handling options, such as forwarding, call screening and find-me/follow-me functionality, assuring workers are never out of reach. Virtual Office is seamlessly integrated into Managed UC, an end–to–end solution that delivers fully managed voice services and on–demand applications.

Flexible Remote Office Solutions

There are two Virtual Office product packages available to enterprises:
The Home User bundle is ideal for individuals working from their home office a significant portion of the time. This includes regional or territorial sales representatives, remote executives or call center employees. This bundle includes a VPN client for PC connectivity and our IP phone service.

The Small Office bundle enables branch offices with multiple users to maintain VPN connectivity via a Flyte provided router, and provides each user with IP phone service. The router also serves to provide prioritization of voice and data traffic over general Internet traffic to enhance bandwidth performance, through Quality of Service (QoS) settings.

Your Virtual Office:

•  Is ideal for single users, providing full voice and data connectivity to the corporate network

•  Is ideal for small remote offices, providing full voice and data connectivity to the corporate network

•  Provides secure, remote access to network resources, such as e-mail, applications, databases and file stores

Extends all of the benefits of Maxx UC to remote employees



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