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Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems.

Determining Network Cabling & Wiring Needs for your Office

Determining your network cabling and wiring needs begins with your current bandwidth and of course your network environment. From there it will be necessary to consider whether or not you will need any changes in bandwidth and/or technology in the future. Based on the type of technology your organization employs, Flyte Communications will then go on to assess which type of wiring best suits those needs all the while paying heed to your timeline and budget.

Network Cabling & Wiring Options

After your organization's networking needs have been determined it is a simple matter for Flyte Communications to determine which type of computer and telephone cabling best suits them. There is a significant difference between computer and telephone cabling (i.e. CAT 5, CAT 5e or CAT 6, fiber optics) based on the manner in which the specific conveyance (cable/wiring) handles crosstalk, network support and bandwidth.

After those needs have been assessed it will be necessary to take such things as wire management and patch panel termination into account. Flyte Communications is your one source solution to all your networking solutions from planning to final installation. Whether you are changing locations or upgrading your current network cabling and wiring.

Lightweight Fiber Optic Cables

One of the remarkable benefits to fiber optic cabling is the fact that it is a technology that utilizes glass, sometimes plastic, threads for the transmission of data. This means that the cables are each lighter weight than their metal counterparts and more threads can be bundled together. This translates to greater amounts of data which significantly increases bandwidth.

Fiber Optic Cabling & Digital Transmissions

Then there is the fact that fiber optic cabling transmits modulated data through light waves which means that the transmissions are digital like the language used by your computer. This greatly improves the speed at which data is transmitted which in turn increases the efficiency of a network. If you have been noticing lags in your network it is probably time to consider having your office rewired with fiber optic cabling .

Fiber Optic is the Perfect Solution for Local Area Networks

Because fiber optic cabling is not as susceptible to interference as metal cabling and because the cables are lighter weight and more compact a large number of businesses are making the transition. Any office that relies heavily on inter office communications through a local area network will immediately see the advantages of fiber optic cabling . As a matter of fact, fiber optic cabling will integrate better with current telephone systems as most telephone companies have already transitioned from conventional phone lines to fiber optic cables.

Flyte Communications provides innovative network cabling solutions with a staff of certified technicians, you can be assured that the transition to fiber optic cabling will be smooth and efficient. There is no need to experience unnecessary periods of downtime due to lack of bandwidth when the solution is as simple as restructuring your network to take advantage of fiber optic technology.

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